Healthy Thyroid, Healthy Body

Thyroid Damage:

The thyroid’s job is to regulate the energy in every part of our body. If the thyroid is damaged in anyway in most cases it can be repaired. The thyroid regulates weight gain or loss, fatigue, hormones, along with other things. When the thyroid is overworked, sometimes we need to detox the thyroid and remove some of the things that make our thyroid sluggish. Leafy greens can heal the thyroid. Foods that can help in the healing of an overworked thyroid are; broccolicabbageBrussels sprouts, and spinach. These foods are full of a compound called carotenoids; therefore they end tiredness and can jump start weight loss. Many times we are overweight and have tried so many diets with very little success. There are blood tests the doctor can order that can tell him/her if the thyroid is damaged; therefore not functioning as it should. This inability to lose weight can be caused from a damaged thyroid in both men and women; however, it can be a problem in children as well.

Iodized Salt:

In most cases iodine is in the table salt we use every day. Iodine is a mineral our body needs to produce what is known as, thyroid hormone. How can you tell if the thyroid is deficient in iodine? Rub liquid iodine on the underside of your arm. If your skin soaks up the liquid iodine and does not leave a yellowish stop you could have very low iodine levels. You need to talk to your doctor. Read the salt box to see if it contains iodine. In most cases it will say on the box in big letters “Iodized Salt”; however, the salt used to process foods is Iodine free.

Thyroid Detox:

The University of Emory has completed a study on the thyroid and the benefits of detoxing the thyroid. The researchers there found that by detoxing the thyroid it rejuvenates the damaged tissues in the thyroid. This detoxing process can speed up weight loss and reduce tiredness. If our thyroid is healthy, than our body will be healthy also. Our thyroid has effect on nearly every part of our body. If you are feeling tired all the time and are overweight, talk to your doctor. There is blood work he/she can order to tell if there is a problem with your thyroid.

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